Monday, 11 December 2017

Mutant Mechanicus - part 9

The Sumpcrawler

The Sumpcrawler was once an Onager Dunecrawler, but it has been so heavily repaired with Sector Mechanicus parts and junk that it is barely recognisable. It clanks, groans, clatters, hisses and rattles as it moves. It’s auto-senses tick and whirr as it scans its surroundings and assesses targets and threat levels, it emits the occasional mechanical beep when it reaches a decision.

(Bits list: The twin Heavy Phosphor Blaster, Cognis Heavy Stubber,vents or exhausts and legs are from the Onager kit. The armour plates on 3 of it's legs are from the Ogor Ironblaster/Scraplauncher kit. I used a Sector Mechanicus “Alchomite Stack” external tank instead of the Onagar hull, with some "scrap metal" armour plates from the Ork Stompa. The strange electrical-looking protrusion on it's left hull is a leg from a Imperial Bastion's Icarus-pattern lascannon.  The “loincloth” banner is made up of an Orruk Boyz banner overlaid by a Beastman Gor banner. The purity seals and scrolls come from a wide selection of AoS Empire / Freeguild and 40k Imperial kits. The single "robot eye" in the top-middle of the hull is made from an Ork Trukk headlight. The base is covered in "scrap" from my scenery bits box. I also added a skull or two from the Citadel Skulls box to the hull and the base.)

Friday, 8 December 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 10: Game 4

Plague of Poxwalkers

Open War Cards:
Objective - Glory Seeker
Twist - Battle Frenzy
Malfactus Card - Reality Speeds

(Viktor's warband had Power Level 6(!), mine had Power Level 14, so he also had the following cards:
Ruse - Tactical Reserves
Sudden Death - Vital Ground)

Warboss Throttle and the Dust Hogz were still on the rocky Mining World of Hathara exploring the mineral processing plant.


A lone Astropath was on the run through the industrial ruins, trying to escape the Poxwalkers.

Warphead Ghizzud opened proceedings in style, and he Smite the Astropath with a hammer-blow of Waaagh! power. When the storm of arcing energy subsided the Astropath was nowhere to be seen.

Warboss Throttle and the Dust Hogz advanced into the refinery, only to find...

... swarms of Poxwalkers shambling around the refinery: the former colonists and mine workers had become infected by the passing Plague Fleet!

The Astropath was not dead after all - he had used some kind of psychic trickery!

The Calidus Assassin stepped out of the shadows behind the Warboss but Woz and the Boyz spotted her and charged!

Just as the Malfactus Rift shifted and eddied...

Boss Nob Woz and the Dust Hogz charged the Assassin...

And Woz showed her just how potent a Power Klaw was in the right hands...

Warboss Throttle laughed as he sprayed bullets from his Kustom Shoota and a couple of Poxwalkers exploded in a gory shower of body parts.

The Astropath kept half an eye on the nearby Pozwalkers as he accessed the Hexagrammatic Cogitator. He attempted to transmit a psychic distress signal to warn New Drekport of the Pozwalker infection. But the cogitator lit up with warning lights and failure indicators: the astropathic relay in orbit was darkened somehow and the signal could not get through.

There was a shadow on the Warp....


The Dust Hogz won this skirmish easily (12vp to 0vp) but Viktor took a gamble with his warband selection before we knew what the mission would be. He brought just 2 character models so they were worth double Victory Points! (The Poxwalkers were all NPCs under David's control)

Friday, 24 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 9: Game 3

Many Paths to Victory

Open War Cards:
Objective - The Prize
Twist - Many Paths to Victory (additional Objective - Drawn & Quartered)
Ruse (The Dust Hogz had a lower Power Level by 1) - Ambush

Malfactus Card - Psychic Boon


Warboss Throttle’s Krooser, The Dogtoof, plunged into into the Warp and followed the Plagueship from Imera to Hathara - a Mining World with trade contracts to supply minerals to New Drekport. The rocky world was only lightly populated as the mineral deposits had run dry about 20 years hence, so there was no one monitoring the skies, no one to notice the ships appear.


Warboss Throttle took Woz and his Boyz, and Warphead Ghizzud with him as he telly-porta'd to the surface of Hathara. They caught up with the Plague Marines in a run-down mineral processing plant. The Plague Marines were looking for a codes & cypher unit for New Drekport's commodity trade systems - an encrypted Comms unit that could decode the Nav data they captured in the recent skirmish in the jungles of Imera.

As a secondary objective both warbands wanted to take control of the processor to salvage the machinery there. The four key areas to control were the furnace:

Fuel dump alpha:

Fuel dump beta:

The control panel:

The Boyz were Jumped into the central plaza, to the shock and surprise of the local population!

Throttle took fuel dump alpha and Ghizzud took the furnace.

The Warphead saw that the Boyz would have trouble taking the Comms unit from the Plague Marines...

So before a shot was fired he moved them using his power Da Jump and chuckled to himself that he was already the most valuable and effective member of his new-found warband.

Woz and the Boyz closed in on the control panel.

But reality shifted as the Marine's ancient teleport device placed the Lord of Contagion with pin-point accuracy, exactly where they were heading.

Ghizzud focused his powers (amplified by the Malfactus Rift's effects) and blasted the Plague Marines with devastating arcs of corruscating green Waaagh! energy.

When the smoke cleared...

...there were no survivors.

Buoyed by the Warhead's evident power Woz and the Boyz charged the Lord of Contagion, all guns blazing, and came very close to killing him!

The miners fled!

The Boyz were slaughtered!

Ghizzud Jumped from the furnace to the Comms unit, feeling very pleased with himself that he had achieved so much is a very short time!

Warboss Throttle laughed long and deep as Pustifer Lungbane hailed his ship and ordered them to teleport him away, leaving him and Ghizzud in control of the processing plant.


The Orks scored both The Prize and Drawn & Quartered (4-2) and won the battle!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 8

I shared Warphead Ghizzud earlier this month:

And I have mentioned that we are using some of the rules for Battlezone: Psychic Maelstrom to show the effects of exploring so close to the Malfactus Rift: Everyone has been told that if they bring a psyker they have to bring a Spawn model too, just in case. So here is my contribution, the spawn-form of Warphead Ghizzud:

Bits list: A Crypt Horror, 2 Ork Nobz heads spliced together (top half cut just above the bottom teeth, bottom half cut just below the top teeth - greenstuff over the join, and greenstuffed "evil eye"), a Herald of Tzeentch daemon "tentacle thing" for the tongue, some greenstuff furs and some assorted bits box extras from things like Kroot, Chaos Marauders, Ork Boyz, Nobz and Killa Kans...

Edit: Ghizzud and his spawn-form together: